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Team Nodachi is a single game eSports Team, which occupies a leading position in the Dutch Counter-Strike scene. During 7 years of its existence the team lineups has won and defended the national title in CS:GO several times.
Our Team

FOM 17.1 Heaven

From 11 until 13 September Frag O Matic will be held in Wieze Belgium. nodachi will again participate in this tournament to try to get a a podium place. we could not attend the previous event that SD won and will be attending as well to defend their titel. They have some new players so lets see if they can get in the prizes again. There will be also some other good teams like AT-gaming ECVisualize and lowlandlions. We are looking forward to this event cu there... read more

2nd place for Nodachi Gaming at ECG-BEURS

This weekend Nodachi Gaming ended in second place after losing the grand final. Ceaseless Six won over Nodachi Gaming with a 1 map advantage due to coming from the upper bracket final and finished with a total score of 1-3 in maps in a best of 5 grand final. We want to congratulate them for the success they booked, we would also like to thank everyone who participated at the event and contributed to this great weekend. The prices are still unknown because it has to be recalculated. The amount of teams that showed up didn’t live up to their expections and as stated on the website that would mean a deficit in prices. There is even a rumor that €2500,- is stolen by an employee of the ECG-beurs and the teams may never see the money the have earned. A special thank you to Corsair-Gaming for the big support at the event and Mouse-control for organizing the competition.... read more

Nodachi gaming joins charity Roparun Foundation

On Saturday, March 21 2015 initiator Mouse Control organizes, in collaboration with various partners and sponsors, the Roparun E-sports Tournament. From 10:00 AM in the morning there will be five online tournaments appearing in the sign of the charity event. Beside the fact that anyone with a good heart has the opportunity to playfully do something for someone else, there are also cool prizes to win. Not only the best performers will be able to win prizes, also there will be drafts upon people participating in the event. What is the Roparun? The Roparun is a relay race of approximately 520 kilometers from Paris to Rotterdam and Hamburg to Rotterdam people, teamwork, a sporting performance to raise money that way for people with cancer. Mouse Control want them there for efforts and organizes twice the tournament ‘gaming for charity. ” The ultimate goal of the Roparun generating money for palliative care. In recent years, these teams almost 35 million raised for charity where Roparun Foundation stands for: improving the quality of life of cancer patients. The proceeds of the Roparun is not spent on research, but is entirely and fully benefit issues that can improve the lives of cancer patients. Roparun is also called an adventure for life. That is also demonstrated by the motto which for years has been: “Life to add to the days where no days can be added to life.” If your team wants to join the event, you can sign-in at http://mouse-control.eu/ret/index.php/participate Nodachi gaming will join this event and will also donate! The whole team will participate this saturday and will also provide a stream.... read more

Nodachi will attend “The Party 13” at Eindhoven Netherlands

    Nodachi will attend “The Party 13” at Eindhoven Netherlands From April the 3rd, till April the 5th we will attend our 2nd offline tournament this year. Last year Nodachi Gaming ended 2nd place and took away: – €400,- prize money – 5x Corsair Raptor M45 gaming mice – 5x Corsair Raptor HS40 7.1 USB Gaming Headset – 5x Corsair Raptor K40 Gaming Keyboard (Photo The party 12) With our new sponsers like Corsair Gaming, Gaming-Solutions and our new Team shirts we will do our best to stay on that stage and become first this year. follow us on twitter and facebook to see the results!   Back... read more

New Team Shirts Have arrived.

The new shirts of Nodachi gaming Have arrived! On the Belgium Lan-event “Frag-o-matic”. The benelux sales mananger of Corsair and Corsair-Gaming Bart van Maarle personaly overhanded the new shirts of Nodachi Gaming, in a former post we showed you guys what the design looked like and its even better when you see them in person!   (The transformation) We will take new team photo’s in a short notice to update our team page so stay TUNED!      ... read more

Nodachi will attend “ECG beurs” at Assen Netherlands

  Nodachi will attend “EUROPEAN COMPUTER GAME BEURS” at Assen Netherlands In less then 8 weeks Nodachi gaming will attend ECG beurs. For the first time this year we will attend this event and we will do our best the get the titel.   Information about ECG-Beurs 6, 7 & 8 March, held on of the largest LAN party in the Netherlands. During the European computer game fair is plenty to do! being boring does not exist in our dictionary. You’ll find everything to do with gaming, various themes, retro gaming, PC games, all new gadgets and games. We have a very large hall reserved for the computers but especially for those who just want the computer we have created a spacious relaxation room away, here you can unwind in peace for all your gaming! Yes Radio will be 3 days 24 hours presenting their customized programs from the TT Hall. Besides their music programs, impressions and interviews will follow the LAN finals live through their channel and Twitch.tv. We also have a just-dance competition and a great wipe out jobs. This wipes out track is accompanied by none other than David Harms and his crew!  ... read more


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Time untill next event: Frag O Matic Winter








Event agenda:

    • Frag O Matic Winter nov 2016
    • ECG-BEURS Maart 2016
    • The Party 13 April 2016
    • Frag O Matic Winter September 2015
    • The Reality XVI October 2015
    • DreamHack Winter November 2015

The Team


In-Game Leader
The ingame leader of nodachi. With his excellent AWPing skills he has the overview and the ingame knowledge to make the best decisions for that round and the rest of the match. He can get hot headed at times but this only boosts team morale and ensures great results.

Name: Roy Pieters
Age: 25
Playing since: 2002
Favorite weapon: AWP
Favorite map: de_nuke



AxeoN is the original founder of the nodachi. He started the team 7 years ago. Being one of the founding members of the team he has a very high and passionate drive for great succes for the team. With his great clutch performances he is making sure nodachi is a force to be reckoned with.

Name: Kevin Soester
Age: 25
Playing since: 2002
Favorite weapon: M4
Favorite map: de_nuke



Ketchup is one of the top aimers in The Netherlands. His unpredictable gameplay and great experience in counter-strike makes him what to do on the right moments. Stefan is one of the quietest players inside nodachi. His steady play style and his reliable game play, makes him a link we can’t afford to miss. All this make him not only a worthy teammate but also a well become friend.

Name: Stefanna Hannema
Age: 24
Playing since: 2002
Favorite weapon: AK
Favorite map: de_cache



Niske is the type of player every team would love to have in their team. A great teamplayer capable of looking at situations with a clear mind and a realistic prospective. This keeps the team focused and set on their goals in clutch situations. When their is a clutch play to be made this is the man you can trust it with.

Name: Timothy Piket
Age: 26
Playing since: 2002
Favorite weapon: M4-S
Favorite map: de_mirage



If there is a laugh during a match you can bet KlitZz is causing it. With his happy go lucky way of things he is a great positive member of the team. A strong team player with even stronger entry frags. This a happy guy you don’t want to mess with.

Name: Jeffrey Vroegop
Age: 25
Playing since: 2002
Favorite weapon: AK
Favorite map: de_nuke