This weekend Nodachi Gaming ended in second place after losing the grand final. Ceaseless Six won over Nodachi Gaming with a 1 map advantage due to coming from the upper bracket final and finished with a total score of 1-3 in maps in a best of 5 grand final. We want to congratulate them for the success they booked, we would also like to thank everyone who participated at the event and contributed to this great weekend.

The prices are still unknown because it has to be recalculated. The amount of teams that showed up didn’t live up to their expections and as stated on the website that would mean a deficit in prices. There is even a rumor that €2500,- is stolen by an employee of the ECG-beurs and the teams may never see the money the have earned.

A special thank you to Corsair-Gaming for the big support at the event and Mouse-control for organizing the competition.




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