We are proud to announce our new sponsor Corsair Gaming! Corsair Gaming is one of the top leading gaming gear companies in the world that is committed to the efficient and effective gaming style you want. Corsair gaming Gear is designed for competitive play. Crafted with high-quality components and materials, they offer great key feel and the responsiveness you need when victory is essential. They deliver incredible responsiveness, customizability and precision to elevate your game. We are excited to have Corsair gaming on board with us and are looking forward having a bright future and a good professional working relationship.

We also pronounce the our new professional gaming gear;

– Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical                                                                      – Corsair Gaming MM200 Mouse Mat  XL

CGK70RGB_06_B                                         CGMM200_XL_fold


– Corsair Gaming Sabre Laser RGB                                                                                – Corsair Gaming H1500 Dolby® 7.1

CG_M550_RGB_K_01_hero                                                                            CG_H1500_01



checkout for more products and the latest gaming gear!


The upcoming weeks we will do the best to get used to the gear and to improve our gameplay.



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