After a 15 hour bus trip from The Netherlands to Sweden we finally arrived at dreamhack winter. At 07:00 hour in the morning we are already preparing for the upcoming event that will start at 19:00 hour. putting down our computers and getting comfortable in the big hall. the main stage just 20 meters away from us and in line with 80 more dutchies! We know where we came for and we know what we wanna compete for. We wanna win, we wanna show the world what we dutchies are capable of and where we stand for.

After a delay of two hours we finally started at 19:00 hour for our first match.

Here our results;

Match 1 BO1 netherlands nodachi 16 – 08 sweden dankolicious
Match 2 BO1 netherlands nodachi 16 – 12 swedenp1mpstyle
Quarter Final BO3 netherlands nodachi 02 – 01 sweden KDDA
Semi Final BO3 netherlands nodachi 02 – 01 sweden dP
Grand Final BO3 netherlands nodachi 02 – 01 swedenDruidz


As the only dutch team in sweden we accomplish to win the BYOC competition at day one, this makes us the ONLY team in the Netherlands.



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