Nodachi will attend “EUROPEAN COMPUTER GAME BEURS” at Assen Netherlands

In less then 8 weeks Nodachi gaming will attend ECG beurs. For the first time this year we will attend this event and we will do our best the get the titel.


Information about ECG-Beurs

6, 7 & 8 March, held on of the largest LAN party in the Netherlands. During the European computer game fair is plenty to do! being boring does not exist in our dictionary. You’ll find everything to do with gaming, various themes, retro gaming, PC games, all new gadgets and games. We have a very large hall reserved for the computers but especially for those who just want the computer we have created a spacious relaxation room away, here you can unwind in peace for all your gaming!

Yes Radio will be 3 days 24 hours presenting their customized programs from the TT Hall. Besides their music programs, impressions and interviews will follow the LAN finals live through their channel and

We also have a just-dance competition and a great wipe out jobs. This wipes out track is accompanied by none other than David Harms and his crew!



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