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Team Nodachi is a single game eSports Team, which occupies a leading position in the Dutch Counter-Strike scene. During 7 years of its existence the team lineups has won and defended the national title in CS:GO several times.
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New Team Shirts Have arrived.

The new shirts of Nodachi gaming Have arrived! On the Belgium Lan-event “Frag-o-matic”. The benelux sales mananger of Corsair and Corsair-Gaming Bart van Maarle personaly overhanded the new shirts of Nodachi Gaming, in a former post we showed you guys what the design looked like and its even better when you see them in person!   (The transformation) We will take new team photo’s in a short notice to update our team page so stay TUNED!      ... read more

Nodachi will attend “ECG beurs” at Assen Netherlands

  Nodachi will attend “EUROPEAN COMPUTER GAME BEURS” at Assen Netherlands In less then 8 weeks Nodachi gaming will attend ECG beurs. For the first time this year we will attend this event and we will do our best the get the titel.   Information about ECG-Beurs 6, 7 & 8 March, held on of the largest LAN party in the Netherlands. During the European computer game fair is plenty to do! being boring does not exist in our dictionary. You’ll find everything to do with gaming, various themes, retro gaming, PC games, all new gadgets and games. We have a very large hall reserved for the computers but especially for those who just want the computer we have created a spacious relaxation room away, here you can unwind in peace for all your gaming! Yes Radio will be 3 days 24 hours presenting their customized programs from the TT Hall. Besides their music programs, impressions and interviews will follow the LAN finals live through their channel and Twitch.tv. We also have a just-dance competition and a great wipe out jobs. This wipes out track is accompanied by none other than David Harms and his crew!  ... read more

Gaming shirt design is ready

  Nodachi gaming and Corsair gaming has finished their design with Esports Clothing the design is great and we are delighted to show our new shirts.   In about 6 week we will receive the shirt and we will make new personal and team photos. The next official event where we will wear our new shirts will be at the ECG-Beurs in Assen wich shall take place at 6, 7 & 8 march.... read more

Nodachi gaming wins BYOC Dreamhack Winter 2014

  After a 15 hour bus trip from The Netherlands to Sweden we finally arrived at dreamhack winter. At 07:00 hour in the morning we are already preparing for the upcoming event that will start at 19:00 hour. putting down our computers and getting comfortable in the big hall. the main stage just 20 meters away from us and in line with 80 more dutchies! We know where we came for and we know what we wanna compete for. We wanna win, we wanna show the world what we dutchies are capable of and where we stand for. After a delay of two hours we finally started at 19:00 hour for our first match. Here our results; Match 1 BO1 nodachi 16 – 08  dankolicious Match 2 BO1 nodachi 16 – 12 p1mpstyle Quarter Final BO3  nodachi 02 – 01  KDDA Semi Final BO3  nodachi 02 – 01  dP Grand Final BO3 nodachi 02 – 01 Druidz As the only dutch team in sweden we accomplish to win the BYOC competition at day one, this makes us the ONLY team in the Netherlands.  ... read more

Nodachi gaming adds Corsair Gaming as a new sponsors.

  We are proud to announce our new sponsor Corsair Gaming! Corsair Gaming is one of the top leading gaming gear companies in the world that is committed to the efficient and effective gaming style you want. Corsair gaming Gear is designed for competitive play. Crafted with high-quality components and materials, they offer great key feel and the responsiveness you need when victory is essential. They deliver incredible responsiveness, customizability and precision to elevate your game. We are excited to have Corsair gaming on board with us and are looking forward having a bright future and a good professional working relationship. We also pronounce the our new professional gaming gear; – Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical                                                                      – Corsair Gaming MM200 Mouse Mat  XL                                             – Corsair Gaming Sabre Laser RGB                                                                                – Corsair Gaming H1500 Dolby® 7.1                                                                                  checkout  http://gaming.corsair.com/ for... read more

New Website

Welcome to the new and improved website of Nodachi. We have some great things planned going in to 2015 and we are starting it off with our new website. We would love to know what you think so if you have any suggestions send us a message or send us a tweet. Not only do we have a new website but we also have some new team shirts coming up. Stay tuned for pictures of our new shirts. They are going to be perfect!. We hope you enjoy our new website and that you will follow us in the future. We have a great 2015 coming up and we love everybody who is supporting us!   C U ON/OFF    ... read more


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Event agenda:


    • Victory land 29 November 2019
    • The Party 17 April 2019
    • The Reality XIX September 2018
    • Frag O Matic Winter November 2016
    • ECG-BEURS March 2016
    • The Party 13 April 2016
    • Frag O Matic Winter September 2015
    • The Reality XVI October 2015
    • DreamHack Winter November 2015

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